Becoming Cultured in Unexpected Places

Our next PRC blogger is Alice Bradford, School-Based Mentor at Soroco Middle School in Oak Creek. Alice comes from Port Angeles, Washington and is an alumni of the University of Washington with a B.A. in International Studies and Spanish. She is interested in continuing her education to eventually become a bilingual social worker or school counselor. …Read the full article

Growing Up: A hard but beautiful process

This blog post comes from AmeriCorps School-Based Mentor, Preethi Bandri.  Preethi is from Canton, MI and received her B.A in Psychology and Health Studies at Michigan State University. She hopes to continue her education by pursuing a graduate degree in social work and public health. Preethi hopes to work with youth in communities affected by health …Read the full article

A constant state of ascension: How a cross country coach mentored me

  To continue our blog series, we move on to our School-Based Mentor placed in 5 Routt County middle and elementary schools. Our School-Based Mentoring program is made up of nine full-time AmeriCorps volunteers, who dedicate ten months of service to our at-risk youth here in Routt County by providing in school one-to-one mentoring, in …Read the full article

Learning about Life’s Distinctions

Our next blog post comes from our board member, Steve Hofman. Steve joined the Partners board in January of 2012, and we feel so fortunate to have him. Steve is a successful policy and communications consultant who has worked with a variety of people over his professional career including: the CEO of The Washington Post, advisor …Read the full article

Defining Myself

Our last staff member post is from Becky Slamal, Partners in Routt County’s Community Outreach Coordinator. Her role at PRC includes increasing visibility and awareness in the community, recruiting new volunteers, producing the bi-monthly newsletter, maintaining the website, social networking, assisting with the coordination of fundraisers and special events, and serving as a representative of Partners …Read the full article

Taking Leaps of Faith

The newest addition to the PRC family, B Torres, our part-time bi-lingual case manager. B is responsible for creating and supporting one-to-one partnerships between adult volunteers and youth, with an emphasis on serving our Hispanic youth and families. She also oversees our Lunch Partners program, establishing partnerships and supporting them throughout the school year.  Here is …Read the full article

Even a Few Minutes Make a Difference

Our blog post this week comes from Lindsay Kohler, Partners in Routt County’s School-Based Mentoring Program Manager. Lindsay approaches her fifth year with Partners with a multitude of different hats over the years. Lindsay came to Partners initially as an AmeriCorps School-Based Mentor working as a mentor in Steamboat Springs Middle School. She then took …Read the full article

To Give of Yourself

This week our blog post comes from our One-to-One Program Case Manager, Clarice Hubbell. Clarice handles all Junior Partner referral and intake procedures as well as Senior Partner screening and training. She also creates our partnerships and monitors all unmatched Junior Partners as well as first year and alumni partnership caseloads. This is what she had …Read the full article

Following the Cairns

This week our blog post comes from Michelle Petix, Partners in Routt County’s Executive Director. Michelle had a compelling story of her own upbringing that she wanted to share. I believe that everyone has mentors all around them.  From birth we mimic smiles and sounds, looking to others to show us the way, to help …Read the full article

Challenge Those You Love

During my last two years as a School-Based Mentor at Soroco Middle School, I got to know some amazing and inspiring individuals. Mostly under the age of 14. The students of Soroco Middle School will always have a special place in my heart, and I felt a real connection with one girl in particular who …Read the full article