PRC’s One-to-One Youth Mentoring program serves youth, ages 6-17 years old that are victims of abuse or neglect, familial incarceration, substance abuse, and other defined criteria. Youth are referred to the program by community agencies and individuals such as school counselors, Department of Human Services, Advocates Building Peaceful Communities, and others. Each youth (Junior Partner) is matched with an adult volunteer (Senior Partner) who is recruited, screened, trained, and supervised by PRC. The Senior Partner makes a commitment to spend a minimum of three hours a week for one year working with his or her Junior Partner. The Senior Partners serve as friends, advocates, and role models to the Junior Partners.

Since 1996, hundreds of partnerships have been created. In one calendar year, Senior Partners spend over 7,800 hours with their Junior Partners. Therefore, since 1996, Senior Partners have devoted over 100,000 hours of their time bettering the lives of Routt County youth! Expected results for One-to-One include: increased or maintained levels of self-esteem, commitment to school, self-efficacy, self-control, bonding to adults, decision-making skills, attitudes against ATOD (alcohol, tobacco and other drugs) use, perceived harm of use, greater commitment to not use substances, and decreased school failure and delinquency. These results assist PRC in achieving our vision which is that all Routt County youth will be empowered to live healthy, productive lives, to contribute to their community, and to successfully pursue their dreams.

Measurable Outcomes: Partners Works

Aggregate pre and post survey results showed that Junior Partners 11 years old and younger (the sample size for youth 12 years and older was too small for analysis) experienced increased:

  • Self-Esteem
  • Commitment to School
  • Bonding to Adults
  • Decision-Making Skills
  • Perceived Risk of Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (“ATOD”) Use
  • Attitudes Against ATOD Use

Junior Partners 11 and younger also experience decreased acceptance of interpersonal violence.

Bridges One-to-One Program

Mission Statement: To support and provide the skills necessary for ELL/ESL children to succeed in school and adjust to changes in their social and cultural environment through mentoring and academic support while increasing the cultural responsiveness of their mentors. This program is a collaboration between PRC and Integrated Community. It was developed in response to a direct request from Steamboat Springs’ immigrant parents and guardians who wanted more resources to help their children succeed in school and adjust to their new lives in the United States.

This program combines the benefits of mentoring with language and cultural learning to ELL/ESL youth in our community. The program is very similar to the standard One-to-One Mentoring Program. The Partnership Contract and time commitment are the same. We ask that Senior Partners spend an average of three hours a week with their Junior Partner with half of this time devoted to language and academic assistance. The remaining time can be spent pursuing sports, arts and crafts, or other fun endeavors.

To provide the best experience for both the mentor and mentee, Senior Partners are trained in mentoring skills as well as cultural competency. Through this program, Senior Partners gain just as much as their Junior Partners. Having one-on-one interaction with these children and their families allows mentors to learn about a youth’s heritage and culture.