Community-Based, One-to-One Mentoring

This is our primary program and serves youth ages 7-17 years-old that are victims of abuse or neglect, familial incarceration, substance abuse and other defined criteria. Youth are referred to the program by community agencies and individuals such as school counselors, social workers, and probation officers. Each youth (Junior Partner) is matched with an adult volunteer (Senior Partner) who is recruited, screened, trained and supported by the Case Manager. The partnership commits to spending a few hours per week together for a minimum of one year. The Senior Partner serves as friend, advocate, and role model to the Junior Partner.  Click here to read more.

AmeriCorps School-Based Mentoring

This program places nine full-time AmeriCorps volunteers in each of three Routt County middle schools and two Steamboat elementary schools.  They are screened, trained and supported by our Program Manager as well as a designated Site-Supervisor from each school.   Participating students (Target Students) are identified by teachers, counselors and administrators as needing some addition academic and/or social/emotional support.  The Mentors spend a minimum of one hour a week with each target student for the entire school year assisting them with academics, social-emotional issues and making good decisions. They also plan and implement weekly in-school and after-school programs and service learning opportunities for target students and all other students in their school.  Click here to read more.

School-Based Lunch Partners Program

The purpose of Lunch Partners is to provide Waiting Junior Partners with additional guidance and support while they are waiting to participate in the more intensive community-based One-to-One Youth Mentoring Program. Waiting Junior Partners are matched one-to-one with a volunteer “Lunch Partner”. The Lunch Partner makes or purchases a healthy lunch to share with his/her waiting Junior Partner over the lunch hour at a Soroco, Hayden, or Steamboat Springs elementary, middle or high school. Partnerships enjoy each others’ company three times per month, according to the participants’ schedule, until the conclusion of the school year.  Partners is hopeful that at the end of the school year, Waiting Junior Partners and Lunch Partners will both desire to continue their mentoring relationship and hence participate in the more intensive One-to-One Youth Mentoring Program.  Click here to read more.