Partners in Routt County is currently seeking to recruit both AmeriCorps and non-AmeriCorps members, for the following positions:

School-Based Mentor – Five AmeriCorps School-Based Mentors (SBMs), and 5 part-time mentors will be placed in nine of our local elementary, middle, and high schools.  Mentors gain valuable experience in the fields of counseling, social work, and education.  Each mentor provides one-to-one mentoring services to 10 target students throughout the school year as well as in-school and after-school programs to all students in the schools.  Mentors are trained and supported by the Program Manager, as well as a site-supervisor at each school. Invest ten months of your life in the youth and families of Routt County while building your resume with diverse professional experience.

To learn more about the full-time AmeriCorps positionsplease click here for a full position description

To learn more about the part-time, non-AmeriCorps positions, please click here for a full job description.  

To apply for these positions, please contact Kezia at  or 970-879-6141 ext 305 



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