Thank you for your interest in our Flamingo Fundraiser in honor of National Mentoring Month.  All of our flocking request slots have been filled for the month and we are unable to take more at this time.  Please email becky@partnersrouttcounty.org if you would like to be added to a list for next year giving you first dibs at making your requests.  Thanks to everyone who participated and keep an eye out for the flamingo around town through January 31, 2017!

During National Mentoring Month (January) Partners offers Routt County residents the opportunity to Flock a Friend for Partners. From January 9th-27th, Partners will place a flock of 20 flamingos in a yard of your choice for a $20 donation. They will remain there for no more than 24 hours before being placed in another location.  Want to avoid having a flock of flamingos roost in your yard? Purchase Anti-Flocking Insurance for a $20 donation and it will insure your yard remains flamingo free.

To reserve your flock, fill out the Flocking Form and email or mail it to becky@partnersrouttcounty.org, or PO Box 774325, or drop it off at the Partners office at 465 Anglers Drive, Suite 1-E. Pay by cash, check or online by clicking on the button below!

To keep a flock from roosting in your yard, purchase the Anti-flocking insurance by following the steps listed above!

Thank you for your participation! If you have any questions or concerns, contact Becky at 970-879-6141 ext. 301 or becky@partnersrouttcounty.org.


Check out some photos from past year’s flockings.

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