Creating Connection

This week’s mentor blog post comes from Marta Galan, School-Based Mentor at Hayden Middle School. Marta is originally from Camarillo, CA and moved to Seattle, WA to pursue her undergraduate degree in Public Health. Throughout her undergraduate career she gained much knowledge and interest regarding various aspects of adolescent development and health. Hoping to continue her education with a graduate degree in a related field of counseling or social work, Marta anticipates a career involving a marriage of these interests and pursuits. Here is what Marta had to say about her mentoring experience:

Equipped with a strong desire to lead a life of integrity, I continuously reflect on the person I present to the world–my impact, my roots, my direction, my purpose–and I always come back to the same key word: connection. Making connections, sharing connections, seeking connections. The pursuit of connection, specifically with people, has found a deep vein to my heart that continues to motivate me to step up and take action in life. For this reason I joined Partners in Routt County and eagerly began work with young humans as a School Based Mentor in Hayden Middle School; I am undoubtedly inspired by PRC’s core value of connection. Through selfish and selfless motivations intertwined, I crave to make connections with students at the middle school age in order to help them feel validated as the unique and worthy individuals they are. Being seen and heard by others is something we all endlessly desire and I feel wildly grateful for the opportunity to dedicate a year to seeing and listening into the lives of students in Hayden—maybe one day having my own face advertised as a significant influence along their journey of life.

In turn, I look back to examine the steps of my own growth and development. I can see distinct landmarks littered along my path: landmarks staking the impact made by different life events, moments, and connections. Specifically, there are prominent billboards advertising the faces of those who have caused instrumental change in who I am and where I am going.


With this, the face of Mr. Emilio Moir Galan does maintain a very clear and significant distinction. The connection founded in our blood and maintained through our love for one another is undoubtedly one of the most influential aspects of my life. Having his support, his hand to hold, his voice of reason in my mind, and his beautiful acceptance and admiration for me has and continues to motivate my best self to wake up every day. I feel wildly lucky to get to say my family members are my biggest advocates, my largest influencers, and my most prominent mentors. Through this, I have learned the enormous impact an individual can have on another’s story and it makes me believe in the impact I can make for those seeking and longing for connection.

Marta also enjoys spending time outdoors pursuing many different adventures, exploring different forms of expression through artistic outlets, and exploring the culture and activities found in new places. Partners is so lucky to have Marta as one of their School-Based Mentors, who is clearly dedicating her life to helping others and seeks to give children a voice.