Partners in Routt County serves as a civil fingerprinting site in Steamboat Springs. We are still performing fingerprinting services at this time, but we require you to wear a mask to your appointment.

Starting in June, appointments are available Tuesdays from 9-10am.

Background Information:

Civil fingerprinting is now conducted through a third-party vendor system called the Colorado Applicant Background Services (CABS) program. Two companies act as official CABS vendors: Colorado Fingerprinting and IdentoGO.

Responding to this change and the need in our community for a civil fingerprinting site, Partners in Routt County agreed to collaborate with Colorado Fingerprinting to serve as the fingerprinting site for Steamboat Springs / Routt County under the new CABS system. Please note that the Partners staff has limited capacity for answering questions about the overall fingerprinting and background check process; our role is simply to conduct the appointments to capture your fingerprints. Colorado Fingerprinting is the entity responsible for managing the fingerprinting process and they are the ones in direct contact with Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

As of March 2019, the Steamboat Springs Police Department has also begun to conduct civil fingerprinting under the new system, working with CABS vendor IdentoGO. The Police Department conducts fingerprinting appointments on Mondays and you must first schedule your appointment online.  

Fingerprinting Location:

Partners in Routt County Office
2673 Jacob Circle, Unit #1, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487

Technical Support? Please Contact Colorado Fingerprinting:

Phone: 720-292-2722 (For questions about your CBI Unique ID, dial extension 2)

Sign-Up Instructions:

You must sign up online before your appointment!

  • Make sure you’re ready: Have your SSN, your organization’s CBI Unique ID, and your organization’s billing code (if applicable).
  • Go to and under “New to Complio?” click on the red “Create an account” button.
  • Create Account: Fill in your Personal Information, Contact Information, and Account Information, then click “Create Account & Proceed.”
  • Create Order (Step 1): Enter zip code “80487” and click “Search.” A list of locations will populate, with “Partners Mentoring Youth Steamboat Springs” listed first – Select this location. Scroll down and click “Next.”
  • Step 2-A: Under “Order Selections,” in the “CBI Unique ID” space, enter your organization’s ID and click “Next.”
  • Step 2-B: A new box will appear called “Billing Code.” If your organization is paying in part or in full for your fingerprinting fees and has shared billing code information with you, enter it here. Then click “Next.”
  • Step 3: Review your Personal Information, edit as needed, then click “Next.”
  • Step 4: Enter your “Information for Finger Printing” (for example, place of birth, eye color, etc). Then review your “Service Details” and click “Next.”
  • Step 5: Select your appointment date and time, then click “Next.”
  • Step 6: Review the information you’ve provided and make changes as necessary. Click the box confirming you have read the Privacy Act Statement. Click “Next.”
  • Step 7: Review your purchase details, then click the box confirming you have read the User Agreement. Click “Next.”
  • Available Cards: If you did not enter a billing code in Step 2-B, you will be taken to a page to enter your debit/credit card information. On this page, click “Add New Card” and a pop-up window will appear for you to enter your card information. Then click “Save” and the pop-up will disappear. Then click “Submit.”
  • Step 8: Page will appear confirming that order has been submitted.
  • Finish: Write down your Order Number and then log out. (If you don’t log out, the system will automatically log out for you after 30 minutes.)

Prepare for Your Appointment:

  • Make sure to show up on time.
  • Bring a valid ID.
  • Bring your Order Number.
  • Unable to make it to your appointment? Please send an email to letting us know you won’t be coming for your appointment. Then log into your Complio account to reschedule.

At & After Your Appointment:

  • A Partners staff member will greet you and ask for your Order Number and ID (preferably your driver’s license).
  • We will scan your ID to make sure it’s valid, and we will enter your order number to pull up your registration.
  • We will record digital scans of each of your fingers on the scanner. (The CABS process does not use ink and paper; fingerprints are captured by digital scans.) Note: This can take a bit of time, which is why we schedule appointments for a full half-hour; we thank you in advance for your patience.
  • We will take your photo.
  • You will sign your initials to confirm your participation in the process.
  • Colorado Fingerprinting will transmit your file directly to CBI.
  • After your appointment: Colorado Fingerprinting will email you with updates. (You can also opt in to receive text updates.) Your background check results will be provided to your organization’s account via CBI’s Secure Document Delivery System (SDDS). You should receive your results within 24-48 hours.

Still have questions?

Contact Partners at or 970-879-6141 x 301