History of PRC

In 1996, a group of local community activists joined forces with the intention of starting a mentoring organization in Routt County. The purpose was to address local youths’ increasing levels of high risk behaviors related to alcohol and drug use; interpersonal violence; and lack of protective factors such as “perception of social support from adults” and “positive social norms.” After researching several mentoring models, these citizens contacted Partners Mentoring Association and were given the guidance and recommendations to help develop the One-to-One Youth Mentoring Program.

In 1996 Partners in Routt County was launched, and granted its 501(c)(3) status by the IRS, PRC still remains the only mentoring organization in the Routt County. For ten years, PRC’s single focus was the One-to-One Youth Mentoring Program. However, in July 2006, PRC assumed all fiscal and programmatic responsibility of the School-Based Mentoring Program, which had been implemented and managed by the Rocky Mountain Youth Corps. In January 2012, PRC piloted the Lunch Partners Program, in which volunteers from several local companies are paired with a youth on our waiting list and prepare or purchase a healthy lunch to share with him/her at school twice per month. The addition of School-Based Mentoring, and now Lunch Partners, is enabling PRC to serve over 400 at-risk youth each year through innovative, best-practice, and one-on-one mentoring models.

Partners in Routt County (PRC) is incorporated in the State of Colorado as Partners in Routt County, Inc. PRC is a 501(c)(3) federally tax exempt organization in good standing with the Internal Revenue Service and the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office (Colorado Charitable Solicitation Act).

Partners is a member in good standing of the Partners Mentoring Association and meets the accreditation standards for quality mentoring services.

Our Mission:

To make a positive difference in the lives of Routt County youth by facilitating partnerships between adult volunteers and youth.

Our Vision:

PRC’s vision is that all Routt County youth will be empowered to live healthy, productive lives, to contribute to their community, and to successfully pursue their dreams.